Grand Master Ruben D. Suarez, IX

Owner/Director of Queens Taekwon-Do Center

Member, ITF International Umpire Committee

Member, ITC Committee for the Development of The Caribbean and Central America

Board of Directors, Unified OTFA

A native of Cali, Colombia, Ruben Suárez began studying Taekwon-Do in 1973 under the instruction of Jorge Luis Avendaño, and had earned his 1st degree black belt by 1976.  Mr. Suarez’s dedication to teaching started in the 1980s in his native Cali.  Soon after, while earning his degree in Health and Physical Education, he became the head instructor of TKD at La Universidad del Valle, leading his students to titles in state, regional and national competition.  As Mr. Suárez continued to pursue his love of teaching, he continued to prove himself a successful competitor, earning national and international titles that included the bronze medal at the Pan-American Championship in Honduras in 1988, and two bronze medals at the 1990 Senior World Championship in Québec, Canada for both Individual and Team Patterns.

Mr. Suárez came to the United States in 1990, where he set out to fulfill his dream of opening his own school, and in 1992 QTC was born.  Having first achieved his Master status (VII Dan) in 2004, Master Suárez was promoted to VIII Dan in 2011 under the examination of Grand Master Hector Marano (IX Dan) and Grand Master Ung Kim Lan (IX Dan), members of the ITF Technical committee.  Over the years, Master Suárez has gained international recognition for both his superior technical knowledge, as well as his dedication to the instruction and advancement of ITF TKD.  In 2007 he was awarded Best Master Instructor in the ITF Hall of Fame, and presented with an Award of Recognition by the Colombian Consulate for his work in the United States.

In 2012, after eight years of national affiliation with the ITF-USA—where he served as Senior Vice-President and Chairman Technical Director for over six years—Master Suárez organized the National Taekwon-Do Association-ITF (NTA-ITF), an official Allied Association of the ITF.  Among his latest achievements was his appointment to the ITF Umpire Committee in 2012.