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What Is Taekwon-Do?

Taekwon-Do is the Korean art of self-defense, created by General Choi Hong-hi, who founded Taekwon-Do on April 11, 1955.  Its foundations are based on the ancient Korean martial art of T’aekkyŏn, as well as Japanese Karate. Although these ancient arts were used as references, the fundamental theories and principles of Taekwon-Do are entirely different from any other martial art in the world.  Taekwon-Do is a version of unarmed combat designed for the purpose of self-defense. Therefore, it is also practiced as a form of mental training and physical sport. The techniques of Taekwon-Do are based on Newton’s laws, which teach us how to create maximum power. Military tactics of attack and defense have been incorporated, as well. At a spiritual level, Taekwon-Do comes from ethical, moral and traditional principles of the Orient, and of course from its creator, General Choi Hong-hi.

Translated literally, “Tae” stands for jumping, flying, or to kick or smash with the foot; “Kwon” denotes the fist, chiefly used to punch or destroy with the hand; and “Do” means “art” or “way.” Thus, taken collectively, “Taekwon-Do” indicates the mental training and techniques of unarmed combat for self-defense and health, involving the skilled application of punches, kicks, blocks, throws and dodges—with bare hands and feet—to the rapid destruction of the moving opponent or opponents.

Taekwon-Do “Is a way of life.”

Benefits of Practicing

1.   You may practice individually or in groups. Special equipment or weights are not required.

2.   Injuries and strains are rare. Since the body sets its own limits, the physical condition of the student automatically sets the pace.

3.   The entire muscle system of the body is developed, from fingers to toes.

4.   Lean, flexible tissue is produced by Taekwon-Do training. It does not produce large knotty muscle.

5.   Body weight is normalized. Solid tissue is gained for those who are underweight; body fat is lost for the obese.  Calories burned in one hour of Taekwon-Do training are one of the highest for any sport or activity:  600 calories per hour.

6.   The abdomen becomes firm and strong. Emphasis on twisting the trunk and executing kicking movements also develops the side of the trunk and inner thigh muscles.


7.   The practice improves the lower abdomen, hips, inner thighs, and cardiovascular conditions.


8.   Taekwon-Do is scientifically designed. Every movement has a specific purpose.


9.   Skillful instructors foster the student’s belief that success is possible for anyone, making it easy to teach and learn.

10. At a moral level, it helps to develop a concept of respect toward people and especially our seniors.

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Courtesy   -   Cortesía 

Integrity   -   Integridad

Perseverance   -   Perseverancia  
Self-Control   -   Auto-Control

Indomitable Spirit   -   Espíritu Indomable   
Baek-Jul Bool-Gool

Taekwon-Do Student Oath

I shall observe the tenets of Taekwon-Do.

I shall respect my instructors and seniors.

I shall never misuse Taekwon-Do

I shall be a champion of freedom and justice.

I shall build a more peaceful world.

Tenets of Taekwon-Do
(Taekwon-Do Jungshin)

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