143rd International Instructor Course

Las Vegas, NV - June 21-23, 2019

Master Suarez traveled to Las Vegas, NV with QTC's Rupert Shrouder and Jennifer Throo, and 8 additional members of the NTA-ITF for the 143rd International Instructors Course.  


2019 Masters Seminar

Camaguey, Honduras - June 14-16, 2019


Masters Suarez and Perlaza joined forces once more with Masters Oscar Perez (FL) & Luis Gato Gato (PR) for another Central American International Masters Seminar--this year in Camaguay, Honduras!  The seminar, hosted by Union Taekwon-Do of Honduras led by Sabum Raul Alvarez was another huge success.  The Masters held an intense 3-day seminar focusing on all aspects of ITF Taekwon-Do, including patterns and fundamental movements, sparring, self-defense, physical conditioning, and the moral aspects of ITF Taekwon-Do.  Master Suarez would like to extend his deepest gratitude to the organizing committee of the UTH and the members of the Central American ITF community for this great opportunity.

Interview with Laura Caceres de Presencia Universitaria de la Universidad Autónoma de Honduras.

IV dan class May.jpg

NTA-ITF Black Belt Training

Jackson Heights, NY - May , 2019


USTC Red Tiger Cup

Philadelphia, PA - May 18, 2019

Master Suarez Seminar at Advantage TaeKwon-Do

Lititz, PA - May 5, 2019

National Taekwon-Do Association seminar with Master Suarez on May 4 and 5.

This two-day NTA-ITF sponsored seminar was conducted by Master Ruben Suarez (VIII Dan).


On Saturday, sessions were held for the beginners (morning) and intermediates (afternoon). The students worked on a lot of basics to understand the importance of a good foundation and each group finished with breaking.

Sunday, the advanced and black belts spent 4 hours working on step sparring, basic movements, and patterns. We would like to thank Master Suarez for coming all the way from NY to our school! We appreciate the commitment the NTA has to growing its members.


2019  21st Sr. / 15th Jr. ITF TKD World Championships

 Inzell, Germany - April 22-28, 2019

ch 28, 2019

QTC was proudly represented last week at the 21st Senior / 15th Junior ITF World Championship in Inzell, Germany.  Six members of QTC  (Julio Carlos, Emanuel Carlos. Stephanie Suarez, Claudia Suarez, Kiabeth Jimenez and Michelle Muriel), along with Coach Master William Perlaza participated in the tournament, which saw 1,234 competitors from over 60 countries.  QTC's Julio Carlos and Stephanie Suarez were elected to represent Team USA at the Opening Ceremony at Max Aicher Arena.

We offer a profound congratulations to Julio Carlos, the 2019 ITF World Champion in Individual Sparring <63kg.  This is Julio's third title as World Champion having earned the Gold Medal in this same division at the World Championships in 2009 and 2011, as well as World Cup three titles in 2014, 2016 and 2018.  Keep up the good work Julio!  We are always proud of you!


JULIO BANNER small.jpg

Master Suarez Seminar ARCAN TKD - Ottawa, Canada

April 6, 2019

ch 28, 2019

Master Suarez traveled to Ottawa this weekend for a seminar at ARCAN Taekwon-Do in Ottawa, Mr. Diego Cabañas.  Master Suarez would like to extend his appreciation for the dedication and hard work of everyone at the seminar.   


Ultimate TKD Challenge - Tenafly, NJ

April 6, 2019

ch 28, 2019

Unity TKD Championship - South Windsor, CT

March 30, 2019


Claudia Suarez - GOLD (Sparring)

Stephanie Suarez - GOLD (Patterns)   & Chon-Ji Champion!


Stephanie Suarez Chon-Ji Champion...Grand Prize $100


"Gracias por todos los buenos deseos que me he recibido hoy!  Solo espero tener salud y seguir realizando lo que más me gusta: Taekwon-Do."

--Master Suarez

"Thank you to everyone for all the good wishes I received today.  I only wish to be healthy and continue doing what I love most: Taekwon-Do."

--Master Suarez

Team USA Training at QTC

March 16-17, 2019

Was an honor to have members of Team USA in Queens for a weekend of intense training in preparation for the upcoming ITF World Championship in Inzell, Germany.  

Thank You to Master Suarez & Master Perlaza of QTC.  A special thank you to Masters Vincent Affatigato & Alvin Bernard of the OTFA, and Master Seth Rattet of the ITF-USA for their attendance.  

Good Luck to Everyone in Germany!


IIC 139  Bogotá, Colombia 

February 22-24, 2019


An amazing course with three Grand Masters who gave it their all...a lot of humility and wisdom!

Twelve countries came together to enjoy Taekwon-Do.

Promotion tests with great satisfaction for Colombia--especially by our new Masters! 



El mejor curso con 3 gran maestros que lo dieron todo...mucha humildad y sabiduría! 

Doce países que se unieron para disfrutar del Taekwon-Do.

Exámenes de ascenso con grandes satisfacciones para Colombia--especialmente por nuestros nuevos maestros!



IIC 138 - Vancouver, Canada

February 9-10, 2019

IIC Vancouver 2019.jpg

2019 FUJI Mae Tour, New York – LaGuardia Plaza Hotel


On January 27, 2019 Master Suarez and the NTA-ITF welcomed legendary international coach, Master Jurek Jedut (VII) of Poland, and Professor Leo Oros Duek (VI) of Israel to present the last of five sparring and self-defense seminars comprising the 2019 FUJI Mae Tour.  Sponsored and promoted by FUJI Mae—an international company dedicated to the production and distribution of martial arts equipment—the seminar was held at the LaGuardia Plaza Hotel in Queens, NY with the attendance of 50 participants, including students, instructors and masters. 


Master Jedut, among the best coaches in the world, has brought multiple students to the level of individual world champion and earned the National Team of Poland a privileged status, worldwide. Master Jedut is accompanied by Sabum Nim Leo Oros Duek.  A sports psychologist and Professor of Sports Psychology at the Wingate Institute in Israel, Mr. Duek has been an integral part of the development of the ITF in Israel and has travelled throughout the world teaching courses in self-defense.


Together the duo presented an astounding 5-hour seminar in sparring and self-defense this past weekend!


Master Jedut’s passion and simplicity transmits a positive energy to the participants, that kept them attentive and engaged throughout the afternoon.  The diversity of exercises presented focused on improving physical conditioning and increasing the capacity of reaction time that is so crucial in sparring.  Participants thoroughly enjoyed Professor Duek’s presentation of self-defense techniques.  A series of fundamental procedures for facing real-life, critical situations was presented in a clear and practical manner, while offering important warnings of how and when these techniques should be applied.   


Master Suarez would like to extend his profound thanks and appreciation to Master Jedut and Professor Duek for the opportunity to have the renowned FUJI Mae Tour here in New York!  

El 27 de enero de 2019, el Maestro Suárez y la NTA-ITF dieron la bienvenida al legendario entrenador internacional, el Maestro Jurek Jedut (VII) de Polonia y el Profesor Leo Oros Duek (VI) de Israel para presentar el último de los cinco seminarios de combate y autodefensa que comprenden el 2019 FUJI Mae Tour. Patrocinado y promovido por FUJI Mae, una compañía internacional dedicada a la producción y distribución de equipos de artes marciales, el seminario se llevó a cabo en el hotel LaGuardia Plaza en Queens, Nueva York, con la asistencia de 50 participantes, incluidos estudiantes, instructores y maestros.


Master Jedut, uno de los mejores entrenadores del mundo, ha llevado a varios estudiantes al nivel de campeón mundial individual y le ha otorgado al Equipo Nacional de Polonia un estatus privilegiado en todo el mundo. El Maestro Jedut está acompañado por Sabum Nim Leo Oros Duek. Como psicólogo deportivo y profesor de psicología deportiva en el Instituto Wingate en Israel, el Sr. Duek ha sido parte integral del desarrollo de la ITF en Israel y ha viajado por todo el mundo impartiendo cursos de autodefensa.


Juntos, el dúo presentó un asombroso seminario de 5 horas de entrenamiento y defensa personal el fin de semana pasado.


La pasión y simplicidad del Maestro Jedut transmite una energía positiva a los participantes, que los mantuvo atentos y comprometidos durante toda la tarde. La diversidad de ejercicios presentados se centró en mejorar el acondicionamiento físico y aumentar la capacidad de tiempo de reacción que es tan crucial en el combate. Los participantes disfrutaron mucho la presentación de las técnicas de defensa personal del profesor Duek. Una serie de procedimientos fundamentales para enfrentar situaciones de la vida real y críticas se presentó de manera clara y práctica, al tiempo que ofrecía advertencias importantes sobre cómo y cuándo deberían aplicarse estas técnicas.


El Maestro Suárez desea expresar su profundo agradecimiento y agradecimiento al Maestro Jedut y al Profesor Duek por la oportunidad de tener el famoso FUJI Mae Tour aquí en Nueva York.