School Rules

Treat all members with courtesy.

Students shall respect and obey their parents, master, instructors and seniors.

Use the word “Sir” or “Ma’am” when speaking to the instructor in class.

When waiting to talk to an instructor or senior, stand at attention and keep alert until they are ready.

Students are not to argue or raise objections in the do-jang.

Conversation is not permitted in class.

Do not leave the do-jang without permission of the instructor.

The students must bow to the flag when entering and leaving the do-jang.

Bow to the Sa-bum Nim when entering and leaving the do-jang.

Visitors should be introduced to the class upon entering the do-jang.

Come to class on time and attend classes regularly.

Students should attend class for their own good.

Students should call if they will not be able to train.

Shoes must be removed before entering the do-jang.

Eating, drinking and smoking is not permitted inside the do-jang.

Keep the do-jang clean.

Junior students are to set up, and tidy up before and after training.  Senior members shall supervise.

Be correctly dressed before class begins.

All registered students must wear the uniform when attending all classes and testing.

T-shirts (white) are mandatory for ladies.

It is not permitted to use any jewelry unless it is for religious use.

Students with yellow belt and higher must have their own sparring equipment.

All color belt students must have the QTC logo printed on their sparring gear.

Students who forget their uniform and equipment at the school will be punished.

Parents and students must not interfere with the procedures of a class or test.

Students must pay the tuition on time.

The student must pay the insurance fee at the beginning of each year.

Students with green belt and up must affiliate themselves to the NTA-ITF and to the International Taekwon-do Federation (ITF) and pay the annual membership fees respectively.

All students red belt and above must take and pass the referee course.

(This only applies to students 15 years of age or older.)