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IUC New York City 2024

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On behalf of Grand Master Suarez and the International Taekwon-Do Federation Umpire Committee (ITF UC), we invite and welcome you to the 43 rd Qualifying Presential International Umpire Course (QIUC)

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  • Owner and Director of Queens Taekwon-Do Center. 

  • Member of the ITF International Umpire Committee.

  • Member of ITC Committee for the Development of The Caribbean and Central America.

  • Board of Directors, Unified ITFA.

"Bringing Taekwon-do to everyone around the globe!"



IUC New York
IUC New York
Feb 24, 2024, 8:00 AM – Feb 25, 2024, 6:00 PM
La Guardia Plaza Hotel,
104-04 Ditmars Blvd, East Elmhurst, NY 11369, USA




Congratulations to the ITF America Umpires representing

our federation in the World Cup in Finland this year.  


Gm Ramirez

Máster Naranjo

Máster Mejía 

Máster Bernard

Master Ranieri

Master Perez

Master Benites

Mr. Rupert Shrouder

Mr Poteet.

Advanced Black Belt Test
Colombia, August 2023

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On behalf of the International Taekwon-o Federation and with the authorization of GM Marano, we (GM Gonzalo Camelo - ITF Plaque #105000; GM Carlos Ramirez - ITF Plaque #607741 and myself, GM Ruben Suarez - ITF plaque # 102003) tested Mr. Andrés Rivadeneira for 5th degree. 


Before testing him, we asked him to get authorization from the Japan Federation, which he got. He needed to have his paperwork in order, including the yearly payment for his 2023's plaque, and he needed to comply with the ITF minimum requirements for this level.


We want to manifest that Mr. Rivadeneira did a good test, receiving a 7/10 score 7/10. His technique was good, and even though there is always room for improvement, he will continue working on his technique. 


At the end of the seminar, we announced the results in front of all IIC participants: the president of the ITF GM Wiler, GM Marano, Chairman of the IIC, and GM Un Kim Lang.

167th IIC in Bogota, Colombia
August 21, 2023

Organised by the Colombian Taekwon-Do Association, the 167th ITF IIC was held at the Radisson Metrotel Hotel in Bogota, Colombia, from 18 to 20 August 2023.

It was attended by practitioners from 12 countries (Germany, Anguilla, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, United States, Honduras, Mexico, Peru, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic and Trinidad & Tobago) including 5 grand masters, 2 senior masters and 7 masters.

Among the special guests were ITF President, Grand Master Paul Weiler, and Treasurer Master Leo Oros Duek.

A unique IIC not only for the number of countries and 120 participants, but also for the impact of the return of the IIC to the Caribbean region, confirming the aim of the technical committee to bring the technical legacy of General Choi to every corner of the 5 continents.

GMs Héctor Marano and Ung Kim Lan, offered as always, 3 days of knowledge and unrepeatable anecdotes.

The first day they reviewed all forms of colour, with particular emphasis on the basics and methodology of correction from the first steps.

GM Ung also shared general concepts of self-defense and sparring.

On Saturday 19th during the afternoon, Sabum Nim Gaston Casero, chairman of the Harmony Committee, gave a practical presentation of his programme, which is already becoming a success in several countries, thus achieve its main objective: to bring Taekwon-Do to more people in order to improve their quality of life.

During the evening the traditional gala dinner was held which allowed all participants to enjoy the camaraderie of our art.

Sunday 20th started with a special class on physiology and anantomy by ITF President, Grand Master Paul Weiler, which included general advice on warm-up and how to protect muscles and joints.

For the last block, the 4-6 dan forms were reviewed while the rest of the group reviewed their forms with Grand Master Rubén Suárez.

In addition to the quality of the general content, the participants highlighted the care of the organisation in every detail, giving an unforgettable extra brightness.

In other words, a new IIC that amply achieved the expectations of all participants and the ITF.

Colombia is proud to have once again hosted a world-class event.

First ITF Course on Governance Strategy
August 20, 2023

The “FIRST ITF COURSE ON GOVERNANCE STRATEGY” was held in the city of Bogotá, Colombia, on August 17 and 18, 2023, in connection with the IIC167 organized by the Colombian Taekwon-Do Association. An innovative experience aimed at contributing to the training of future leaders in the Americas and the Caribbean.

Thirty leaders from 12 countries (Germany, Anguilla, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, United States, Honduras, Mexico, Peru, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, and Trinidad & Tobago) participated. Among the most prominent participants were GM Paul Weiler, ITF President , GM Héctor Marano, chair of the ITF Technical and Instruction Committee, GM Ung Kim Lan, Member of the ITF Technical and Instruction Committee, and Master Leo Oros Duek, ITF treasurer.

Topics ranged from how to develop a business plan to the importance of Do in leadership and governance, from the development of the new ITF TKD app to the importance of communication in leadership.

The speakers, GM Ung Kim Lan, Master Leo Oros Duek, Master Janel Gauthier, Sbn Ryan Rampair and Sbn Gustavo Livon had the opportunity to develop their proposals and interact with the leaders present. This achieved one of the main objectives, which was to share and exchange experiences from the perspectives of different parts of the world.

All attendees received printed material from all the presentations and were given an ITF tie as a souvenir.

This course was inspired by the first leadership course held in Honduras in 2006 under the presidency of GM Trần Triệu Quân, which was a milestone in the training of our leaders. Thus, GM Weiler, as part of his development and growth plan, promoted the implementation of this course with the perspective of not only implementing it in other continents but also in the evolution of the content for future courses.

The ITF continues to build the future through practice and training.

Jul .23 .2023