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International Martial Arts Festival
October 22-24, 2021  /  Orlando, FL

After more than two years, QTC returned to live competition last weekend, participating in the annual International Martial Arts Festical (IMAF) at the Wyndham Resort in Orlando, FL. 


GM Suarez brought a team of 9 members to Florida for the 3-day long event, which features numerous styles of martial arts that include competition, demonstrations, seminars and more.  The team brought home 16 medals in individual sparring and patterns. See Medal Winners here

In addtition, the group had a very active weekend. Friday was spent at Universal Studios, followed by the Sparring Seminar with Julio Carlos; on Saturday, the team participated in competition during the day and The Night of Champions where Julio Carlos and Jose Iglesias held a sparring demonstration match; on Sunday some enjoyed the day at EPCOT Center while others enjoyed the technical seminar offered by GM Nunez.


The team retured to New York on Monday with renewed energy to continue this return to competition in the near future.

We want to thank all the parents and family for your support to allow our team to enjoy this incredible experience. 

2021 Summer Black Belt Testing
July 28 - Jackson Heights, NY

Sparring Seminar with Julio Carlos via Zoom

June 21., 2020 - (From QTC: Jackson Heights, N.Y. - USA)

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On behalf of the Original Taekwon-Do Federation of America (OTFA), Julio Carlos, Claudia Suarez and myself, I want to thank you for your participation in the Sparring Seminar with Julio Carlos held this past Sunday, June 21, 2020. The seminar started at 2:00 p.m. EST via Zoom, with the participation of students from various countries, including Argentina, Australia, Canada, Colombia, England, Spain, Guatemala, Hungary, Ireland, Malaysia, Moldova, Nicaragua, Puerto Rico, Russia, Saint Martin, Trinidad and Tobago, and the USA.


Julio Carlos—World Champion of the ITF Senior Championships and the ITF World Cup on multiple occasions—demonstrated the basic movements used in sparring, demonstrating an absolute mastery of what he does best. We recognize that it was not an easy job working virtually, and with many participants, but many have expressed their enjoyment for what was done in the class. While it is not an easy job, it is not an impossible one.


Seeing Julio perform the exercises, it seems easy. But at this level of skill is only achieved with tremendous discipline and countless repetition of the specific technique. Basically, most of what Julio described can be summarized in stepping, skipping, turning, side, "al pasito" V "and" M "stepping. Combinations can be made of these skills, depending on the level and skill of the competitor. The important thing was to start, then practice every day!


He also recognized that behind all that work there is always someone. He thanked Master Perlaza for being his guide and mentor on the competitive side, and his training partners, especially the women. without forgetting GM Suarez was the person who formed him and motivated him to continue on the path of Taekwon-do.


At the end of the session, Julio answered several questions about his training, extending the seminar longer than was expected. Given the number of questions raised, we hope to be able to hold a seminar in the future, with a more narrowed focus on the specific drills.  We hope to count on your participation.

Again, we want to thank you very much for your participation and all the positive comments we have received about the seminar.

En nombre de la Federación de Taekwon-Do Original de América (OTFA), Julio Carlos, Claudia Suárez y mi persona, quiero agradecerles por su participación en el Seminario de Entrenamiento con Julio Carlos celebrado el pasado domingo 21 de junio de 2020. El seminario comenzó a las 2:00 pm EST vía Zoom, con la participación de estudiantes de varios países, incluyendo Argentina, Australia, Canadá, Colombia, Inglaterra, España, Guatemala, Hungría, Irlanda, Malasia, Moldavia, Nicaragua, Puerto Rico, Rusia, San Martín, Trinidad y Tobago, y los Estados Unidos.


Julio Carlos, campeón mundial Senior de la ITF y de la Copa Mundial de la ITF en múltiples ocasiones, realizo movimientos básicos utilizados por él en combate, demostrando un dominio absoluto de lo que hace mejor. Reconocemos que no fue un trabajo fácil trabajar virtualmente y con muchos participantes, pero muchos han expresado su satisfacción por lo que se hizo en la clase. Si bien no es un trabajo fácil, no es imposible.


Al ver a Julio realizar los ejercicios, parece fácil. Pero este nivel de habilidad solo se logra con una tremenda disciplina e innumerables repeticiones de una técnica especifica. Básicamente, la mayoría de lo que Julio describió puede resumirse en pasos, saltos, giros, laterales, "al pasito" V "y" M ".  Se pueden hacer combinaciones de estas habilidades, dependiendo del nivel y la habilidad del competidor. ¡Lo importante es comenzar y luego practicar todos los días!


También reconoció que detrás de todo ese trabajo siempre hay alguien. Dio la gracias a Master Perlaza por ser su guía y su mentor en la parte competitiva, y a sus compañeros de entreno, especialmente a las mujeres.   sin olvidar a GM Suarez fue la persona que lo formo y le motivo a seguir en camino del Taekwon-do.


Al final de la sesión, Julio respondió varias preguntas sobre su entrenamiento, extendiendo el seminario más de lo esperado.  Dada la cantidad de preguntas planteadas, esperamos poder celebrar seminarios en el futuro, con un enfoque más limitado en los ejercicios específicos. Esperamos contar con su participación.  Nuevamente, queremos agradecerles mucho su participación y todos los comentarios positivos que hemos recibido sobre el seminario.

Grand Master Suarez - Memories with General Choi

August 28, 2020  /  International Taekwon-Do Federation (

GM Suarez was featured last month in the ITF News as part of a series of Memories with General Choi.  As one of the diminishing group of individuals with first-hand experience working with our founder, GM Suarez was happy to share his experiences with the General before his death in 2002.   


Click below to see the original article. 


My Moments with General Choi by GM Ruben Suarez


Congratulations Grand Master Suarez!

May 28, 2020 -  East Elmhurst, NY

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On December 30, 2019 Master Suarez received notice from the ITF of his promotion to Grand Master (IX Dan).  As per protocol, the official certificate was due to be presented at the next ITF World Cup that was scheduled to be held in Slovenia, October 2020.  Due to the worldwide pandemic, there was a massive cancellation of all ITF-related activities worldwide, including the upcoming 2020 World Cup.  In turn, the ITF delivered the certificate directly to Queens, NY.

It's now official!  And we await the virtual celebration!


On behalf of all your students, instructors, family, and friends, we extend the highest congratulations to the most well-deserved individual.     


We are proud of you, Sa-sun Suarez, A-9-7.

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2019 XXIV ITF NY Taekwon-Do Tournament 

September 29., 2019 - Queens College - Flushing, NY


COVID-19 Virtual Training: QTC on Zoom

March 16., 2020 - New York, USA

On Monday, March 16, 2020, as the worldwide epidemic of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) made its way into the heart of New York, QTC and all neighboring TKD schools and gyms were ordered by the government to close their doors until further notice.  By the end of the week, Grand Master Suarez and Sabum Claudia Suarez forever dedicated to teaching their art, had a virtual class schedule running via Zoom.  The online communications platform has since acted as our beloved do-jang until it is once again safe to open our doors.     

Since it started, the virtual training schedule has maintained a steady following by those most dedicated students who have continued to make TKD their priority in this most difficult time.  We have also attracted a number of students from outside QTC who join us from around the country and abroad, including parts of Central and South America and the Caribbean, among others.  

GM Suarez wishes everyone good health and strong spirits and extends his deepest gratitude to all those who have continued to support QTC.  We hope to be together again this July, reporting live from our home in Jackson Heights, N.Y.  

2019 NY XXIV Tournament RIFA

September 20., 2019 - QTC

On Friday, September 20 QTC held the drawing for the XXIV NY Tournament Raffle.  The Grand Prize--a 60" 4K HDTV--was won by Winning # 7883 bought by Marlene Padilla.   Congratulations on your prize!